Company Overview

A & D Precision Manufacturing, Inc. has been serving the Aerospace and Commercial Industries since 1976. Our excellent reputation is built on supplying high quality machined parts that meet all customer specifications and that all parts are delivered on time.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and stay current with all the technology changes that are required to maintain our place as a desired supplier in a very competitive industry.

All orders are carefully monitored to maintain schedule. Our job control system tracks every job from the day the order is received to the day the parts are shipped. This gives us the ability to constantly monitor the status of any order.

To insure quality, our highly experienced staff reviews every part before it is put into production. It goes through an extensive pre-production planning review to ensure that every part meets the purchase order requirements when it is complete.

Due to our high quality rating, we are considered a preferred supplier to several aerospace companies, in which our parts go straight to our customers stock without costly re-inspection by our customer.

Aircraft parts and auxiliary Equipment SIC 3728

A & D Precision Mfg. Inc.

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